Batman 341 – Who is haunting Wayne Manor?


Conway, Novick and McLaughlin provide a very entertaining tale in Batman 341 (Nov. 81), with Batman causing much of the chaos.


Bruce continues to fret about Poison Ivy, but bigger problems arise when Commissioner Gordon approaches him.  There have been many reports of strange activity, apparently ghostly, around Wayne Manor.  Gordon intends to investigate, even though Bruce tries to keep him away.


Gordon contact the Historical Society, who in turn hire Dr. Thirteen, the Ghost Breaker.  Terry Thirteen had last appeared a couple of months earlier in the pages of Ghosts.  They intend to search Wayne Manor from top to bottom, to see what is behind this.  Batman has no choice but to mess up their investigation as much as he can, which is quite entertaining.  Reviewing his own security monitoring with Alfred, they find that access to the Batcave has been made by someone,and Batman suspects that he knows who.


Thinking that he had gotten rid of Gordon and Thirteen, Batman heads down into the Batcave, and finds Man-Bat, who he had guessed was the “ghost.”  But Dr. Thirteen had only pretended to leave, certain that he was being played.  He finds the entrance to the Batcave, and as the story ends, come across Batman in Man-Bat’s clutches.

The story continue in the next issue.

Man-Bat had last appeared a few months earlier, teamed with Superman in DC Comics Presents.


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