Batman 333 – Batman and Talia go from Switzerland to China, and Catwoman teams with Robin


Batman 333 (March 1981) contains the second chapter of The Lazarus Affair, by Wolfman, Novick and McLaughlin, as well as a Catwoman/Robin story, which again is really just another chapter in the larger storyline.


The issue opens in Switzerland, as Batman goes in disguise as one of Gregorian Falstaff’s men, to learn what he can from the man’s secret bank account. The disguise gets seen through pretty quickly – those Swiss bankers don’t trust anyone – and Batman winds up fleeing for his life.


Talia has accompanied him on his journey, and in their down time she and Bruce get all romantic – at least until more people try to kill them.  Talia gets an awful lot to do in this issue, more than she usually does, and shows herself fully capable of handling assassins.


The visit to Switzerland was not a complete loss, Batman did learn that someone was bankrolling Falstaff, and they follow the trail to China.


Batman tries to bluff his way towards whoever the mastermind is, going as Bruce Wayne, but this fails dismally, and he winds up getting captured.

The story continues in the next issue.


Catwoman teams with Robin in the back-up tale, by Wolfman, Novick and John Celardo.  They get Timothy Fox released from prison, and gain more information about the gang that was determined to frame Bruce Wayne as a slumlord.  Timothy realizes how much he had been used, and has a tearful reconciliation with Lucius Fox.


Catwoman and Robin have also discovered that China is the next step on their quest, and wind up running in to King Faraday there.  They make plans to infiltrate an opium den that is the headquarters of the gang leader, but Faraday is a no-show when the time comes.


Robin goes in disguise as one of Selina’s boy toys, while she is able to enter the place simply as herself.  She and the gang leader have a past, but not a good one, and he quickly turns on them.


The story ends with Catwoman and Robin bound, and about to be injected with cocaine.  The given reason is that it will act as a truth drug, though I highly doubt that is accurate.

The story continues in the next issue.


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