Batman 331 – the Electrocutioner debuts


The Electrocutioner makes his debut in Batman 331 (Jan. 81) in a really awful costume that he wisely hides under a large coat for much of the story.


Wolfman is joined by Michael J Fleisher as they script this tale, with art by Novick and McLaughlin.  The Electrocutioner fancies himself a hero, like Batman, as he seeks out and kills highly placed criminals who have used their wealth and influence to avoid going to prison.


Robin is also around in this tale, to Batman’s dismay.  Bruce loses more and more patience dealing with Dick, and refuses to accept his decision to drop out of university.  And while Bruce is concerned about the kids who attacked Lucius and the Wayne Foundation building, it’s Dick who notices how suspiciously Caroline Crown is acting.


Bruce goes to see Lucius, and does his best to console him about his son’s involvement with the gang in the previous issue.


The story culminates in a big fight between Batman and the Electrocutioner, who cannot grasp why Batman is even opposing him, when in his eyes they are on the same team.  Really, the only bad thing about the character is his costume, and when he returns in a couple of years, in the pages of Vigilante, he will have a much better outfit, and become a much more important villain.


The issue ends as Talia Al Ghul shows up. With tensions already high between Bruce and Dick, she is what pushes things over the edge, and Robin storms out.

The story continues in the next issue.


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