Batman 329 – Two-Face listens to Gilda


Wolfman, Novick and McLaughlin dispense with the mystery right away in Batman 329 (Nov. 80), revealing right on the cover that the villain in the story is Two-Face.


Not that there weren’t a lot of hints in the previous issue.  And how many women are named Gilda, after all?  Still, she did not realize the man wooing her was her former husband until his surgery starts to come apart, even though Batman had twigged on to it.


The plot is really quite convoluted, building off the re-telling of the Two-Face origin a couple of years earlier in DC Special, which revealed that Boss Maroni was still alive.  Two-Face tried to kill him, but he survived and adopted another identity, which lead him to his latest murder. But Batman exploits this, disguising himself as Maroni, pretending that the former gang leader has survived yet another attempt by Two-Face, to draw the villain out.


There is a courtroom showdown, with Batman bound, just as the cover promises.  And it’s Gilda who saves the day, arguing with Harvey Dent against making his decisions based on the flip of a coin, and to take responsibility for himself and his actions. While the overall story may be a bit too much, this is definitely one of the best endings to a Two-Face tale.

It’s a couple more years before Two-Face returns, in the pages of World’s Finest Comics, but I believe this might be the last time we see Gilda Dent, aside from flashbacks, until The Long Halloween.


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