Batman 322 – Captain Boomerang comes to Gotham


Captain Boomerang, a frequent Flash villain, comes to Gotham City in the Wein, Novick and Colletta story in Batman 322 (April 1980).


But Selina Kyle is really a far more important character in this tale. Still suffering her mysterious headaches, she also finds herself perusing a scrapbook of her adventures as Catwoman.


Captain Boomerang’s target in this story is a newspaper, the Gotham Guardian, which he demands a million dollars from, although the reason behind this is not clear at first.


Selina pays a visit to Dr. Dundee, and learns that she is dying from a rare and almost symptomless disease, the only cure for which as known to the ancient Egyptians.


Conveniently, the Egyptian exhibition, seen a few issues earlier, happens to have some sealed jars reputed to contain rare curative herbs.


Alfred does some research for Batman, and discovers that the Gotham Guardian is owned by Gregorian Falstaff – and we find that he is Boomerang’s real target.  Boomerang had invested stolen money in a company bankrupted by Falstaff, and has come demanding compensation.


Batman gets involved, saving Falstaff, but getting captured and tied to one of the Captain’s giant boomerangs.  He manages to escape, using the smoky blast that launches the boomerang into space as a cover, and takes down Captain Boomerang pretty fast.


The story ends as a cat-garbed figure breaks into the museum to steal the ancient herbs. Is Catwoman back in action?

The story continues in the next issue.

Captain Boomerang returns in a couple of years in the Flash.


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