Batman 316 – Batman and Robin vs Crazy Quilt


As if the Kite-Man was not obscure enough, Batman 316 (Oct. 79) brings back Crazy Quilt, who had fought the Boy Commandos originally, before moving on to Robin, but had not been seen since the late 40s.  Wein, Novick and McLaughlin are scraping the bottom of the barrel with this one.


Robin joins Batman for this tale, which is good, as Batman had never fought Crazy Quilt before, and really has no idea who this guy is.  Robin fills Batman in on the origin of the vision impaired thief, who wears a hideous costume, and has a helmet that emits blinding colours.


Crazy Quilt kidnaps a surgeon, and forces the man to operate to correct his eyesight.  It works, but when Batman and Robin burst in, and reflect Crazy Quilt’s beams back at him, the stupid villain winds up permanently blinded.

Despite this, Crazy Quilt does return in 1985.


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