Batman 315 – Kite-Man returns


The Kite-Man, who had made his only appearance almost twenty years earlier, makes a less than impressive comeback in the Wein, Novick and Mclaughlin story in Batman 315 (Sept. 79).


The costume still works, so the story does kick off pretty well.


And there are some good developments in the longer story arc.  Selina is upset with Bruce about his investigation into her, and his explanation does nothing to cool her temper.


And Lucius Fox discovers that the man who has been tailing him is working for Gregorian Falstaff, who wants to hire Lucius away from the Wayne Foundation.


The Kite-Man shows himself to be the kind of villain who is more than willing to abandon his men to the law to ensure his own escape.


But Batman i ell prepared for their fight, ith a Bat-Kite of hi on.  He imply lam into the Kite-Man, detroying the to kite, and then catche him a they fall.

The Kite-Man is next seen six years down the road, in the pages of Hawkman.



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