Batman 313 – Batman meets King Faraday


Wein, Novick and McLaughlin kick off a two-part Two-Face tale in Batman 313 (July 1979).


Two-Face has stolen the codes for a binary missile defense system, but rather than jut sell it back to the military, as he had told his gang he would, Two-Face is also offering the information to the Russians.  As he says, a classic double cross.


Bruce Wayne is out on a date with Selina Kyle when the Bat-signal alerts him.  Thing are starting to get serious between the two of them.


Batman discovers that he is not the only one pursuing Two-Face, as he runs into King Faraday, a government agent, last seen in Showcase 100 the previous year.


We also get more about Lucius Fox’s home life.  While his daughter Tiffany is a good girl, volunteering with ghetto kids, his son Timothy has a strained relationship with his dad.


At the climax of the issue, Faraday and Batman catch up to Two-Face.  Faraday is about to shoot him, but Batman pulls the gun away. He insists that Two-Face is ill, and should not be killed. Faraday is furious, and warns Batman not to interfere with him again.

The story conclude in the next issue.


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