Batman 312 – Calendar Man’s week of crime


The Calendar Man, not seen since his debut in 1958, makes a return in the Len Wein, Walt Simonson and Dick Giordano story in Batman 312 (June 1979).


The art is exceptional, and the story is pretty good as well, as Calendar Man goes on a crime spree based on the days of the week, wearing a different themed outfit, and using different weapons, for each day.


Thankfully, when he gets to Thursday, the story avoids playing off of Marvel’s Thor in any way, as the villain interprets thunder as sonics.


When Sunday comes, Commissioner Gordon and the police think they have figured out what his crime will be, but Batman suspects that Calendar Man will take this as a “day of rest,” and use it to flee the city, which is exactly what he tries to do.  In their climactic battle, the Calendar Man wears a new outfit, one that will return when he does, a his “core costume.”


Two-Face, last seen in Green Lantern this same month, appears on the final page, setting up his appearance in the next two issues.

A really fun little story, and great to see the obscure villain after so many years.

The Calendar Man returns in these page in six years.


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