Batman 307 – Lucius Fox debuts


Len Wein joins John Calnan and Dick Giordano for Batman 307 (Jan. 79), as Lucius Fox joins the cast.


Lucius is really casually introduced.  It feels like he has already been a part of the cast.  His character not only adds a major black member to the supporting cast, but also give us someone who represents the Wayne Foundation, which had been around for over ten years, but rarely was of any importance.  Lucius talks to Bruce about Gregorian Falstaff, a new power player in Gotham, setting the groundwork for a plot line that will build over the next year.


The story itself deals with a man who is killing off the homeless, using poisoned gold coins.


It’s not bad, although painfully easy to figure out who the killer is.  But as a kid I found the tale really poignant and moving, and the killer so messed up because of his father’s descent into poverty.


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