Batman 295 – the final Mystery Analysts story


Gerry Conway and Michael Golden bring back the Mystery Analysts for one final tale in Batman 295 (Jan. 78), ten years after their last appearance, in the pages of Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen.


Kaye Daye, Martin Tellman and Art Saddows each come across a dead body, which vanishes on the way to the hospital.  They each relate their tales to Batman and Commissioner Gordon.  Hugh Rankin is mentioned, but does not appear, and we learn that Danton is no longer the District Attorney.


Batman pick up on the distraction that took place between the body being placed into the ambulance, and the discovery that it had disappeared. On top of this, the situation all seem to deal with magicians, performing at a club in Gotham.


Batman get onto the case, and even has a cool water tank escape before he reveal the actual killer.  It’s a decent mystery, if not the mot exciting story.

Though the Mystery Analysts never appear again as a group, Martin Tellman shows up again the following year in the Brave and the Bold, and Kaye Daye pops up again in an issue of Superman Family in 1981.



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