Batman 292 – the testimony of the Riddler


“Where Were You on the Night Batman was Killed” continues in Batman 292 (Oct. 77), as Reed, Calnan and Blaisdel present the testimony of the Riddler.


The Riddler’s story has some enjoyable twists to it, as early in the story he relates machine gunning Batman, although Two-Face points out that that was not the claim he made to the court in the first place.  And, indeed, according to the Riddler Batman only appeared to be killed at that point.


The Riddler discovered that Batman survived the gunfire when he shows up at a posh society party, one at which the Riddler is attending, disguised as Bruce Wayne.  This whole sequence is really the high point of the tale, as the reader knows why Batman was so shocked to see Bruce Wayne there, even though the Riddler doesn’t.  And, of course, in having Wayne helpfully give Batman the Riddler’s next clue, Batman is fully aware that he is being set up.


While Catwoman’s entire story had to be a fabrication, it’s not so clear if the Riddler’s is.  The Bruce Wayne party sequence would seem to imply that there is some truth to the tale, even though Two-Face enjoyably demonstrates that the Riddler’s claim of killing Batman in an explosion is a lie, as dynamite does not detonate by being set on fire, but by percussive force.

The Riddler returns in these pages in a couple of years, while this storyline continues in the next issue.



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