Batman 288 – Batman gets wings from a flightless bird


Reed, Grell and Wiacek conclude the Penguin’s flightless bird storyline in Batman 288 (June 1977).


Grell’s art on the second half of this story is particularly dynamic.  That’s quite a good thing, as the story is not an entertaining as the first half, but the art makes that scarcely matter.


True, there is a lot more action between Batman and the Penguin, and Grell makes all of it sing.


The Penguin leaves Batman and another man to be killed by one of his robotic extinct birds.  Batman manages to damage the bird, and removes its wings and power source, turning them into a harness to he can fly himself and the Penguin’s other victim to safety.


The Penguin’s ultimate goal in this story was to recover stolen bonds.  He succeeds at this, albeit very briefly, before Batman takes him down.


The story has a delightful epilogue, making use of the statue the Penguin had carved of himself.

Whether this story happens before or after the Penguin’s appearances in Detective Comics, which are coming out at the same time, is impossible to determine.


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