Batman 287 – the Penguin’s flying flightless birds


The Penguin begins a two-part story in Batman 287 (May 1977), putting him in stories in both this book and Detective Comics at the same time.


Mike Grell provides some lovely art, assisted by Bob Wiacek, for David V Reed’s story, which sees the Penguin using giant flying robots of extinct flightless birds in his crimes.


As this is going on, he is also having a sculpture made of himself, and has his men destroy one of Napoleon during the first crime.


The crimes he has his men commit are seemingly meaningless, but take place at very specific times.  After three pointless robberies, Batman deduces that the locations and times can be taken to spell out the dates of the death of Napoleon, Machiavelli and Admiral Nelson.


And though Batman does confront the Penguin as the issue ends, the villain holds him off with a grenade, and becomes a flying flightless bird himself as he escapes.

The story concludes in the next issue.


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