Batman 284 – Dr. Tzin Tzin returns


For some reason DC was determined to make use of Dr. Tzin Tzin in the 70s, rather than just leaving the character to fade into obscurity.  He had last appeared five years earlier, facing Supergirl in the pages of Adventure Comics.


Reed is joined by Romeo Tanghal and Frank Springer on this story, which makes the most of Dr. Tzin Tzin’s illusions, and ability to kill people with his vision, and aside from the fact that he is Asian, downplays the Yellow Peril elements of his first encounter with Batman in the 60s.  As the story opens, Tzin Tzin dictates how he claims to have stolen the Sphinx and replaced it with an identical copy to his secretary, who he then kills.  Frankly, I think he lied about it.


But his hypnotic abilities do cause lots of problems in Gotham.  He mesmerizes an entire crowd watching a parade.  But at least Bruce is able to go into action as himself, as no one is really seeing anything.


Batman catches up to Tzin Tzin as he tries to steal an entire baseball stadium.  The illusions, which look so great on the cover, prove pretty useless in the story itself, as Batman just dives right through them and capture Tzin Tzin.

Although the story reads complete unto itself, there is a follow-up in the next issue.


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