Batman 255 – Professor Milo’s werewolf


An old villain returns with a new accomplice in the Len Wein, Adams and Giordano story in Batman 255 (March/April 1974).


Despite the great Adams art, this is not a story I have ever really cared for.


Len Wein brings back Professor Milo, a Batman villain not seen since 1957, and introduces Anthony Lupus, a man who had suffered from great headaches and pain, who Milo has been “treating,” turning him into a werewolf.


Lupus is not an evil man, but has no choice but to follow Milo’s command to kill Batman, or Milo will not provide him a cure.


Lupus turns on Milo, and it look much like he kills the evil doctor, although Milo does return in these pages in 1980.  So I guess he was just seriously injured.  Lupus gets hit by lightning and vanishes, but we see that he survived.  Lupus has returned a few times, but not for decades.




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