Batman 250 – numbers and the wax museum, the Flying Graysons poster, and “The Batman Nobody Knows.”


A good cover for Batman 250 (July 1973), but the story it refers to is not the better of the two Batman stories in the issue.


It’s fun story, about various stolen items showing up in a wax museum, proceeding by numbers.


There is a woman on the chopping block at the climax of the tale, just like the cover promises.  But the villain is pretty much just a crazy guy, who wants to draw people into the museum.  Not one of Robbins’, Novick’s and Giordano’s best.


Robin gets the middle of three stories in this issue, by Maggin, Novick and McLaughlin.  The story features two young teens who somehow know about the Flying Graysons, and hold young Dick Grayson up as a hero.


The kids buy a poster of the Graysons, and see Robin go into action to stop a truck of stolen art.  But despite admiring the acrobatic skills of Robin, they consider him not up to par with Dick Grayson.


It’s the final story in the issue, by Robbins and Giordano, that has become the classic from this issue, and has been re-written and re-worked a few times, both in the comics and in an animated Batman film.


In this tale, Bruce Wayne tales some disadvantaged kids out on an overnight campout.  Each of the boys has heard about Batman through the various shady adults that they know, and relate what they have been told.  Batman is pretty much like Man-Bat in the first story, and a black hero in the second.


The third tale has Batman like some weird supernatural figure, although of only moderate competence, as the villain has made himself look better in the telling.


There is a wonderful conclusion, as Bruce jumps out of the dark in full costume, but the boys dismiss him as just being silly.  Perfect.


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