Batman 248 – Colonel Sulphur returns


Colonel Sulphur returns in Batman 248 (April 1973), in a story by O’Neil, Bob Brown and Giordano that makes so little of him, that I had completely forgotten he was even in it.


Batman gets involved with killers pursuing a soldier who sold out to the Japanese during World War 2.  Recently released from prison, Colonel Sulphur is after him for the huge diamond the man was paid off with, which has never been found.


By far the best page in the story is a silent one, as Batman approaches the carrier.


Colonel Sulphur is easily disposed of. He makes a comment that he has been practicing with his knife-hand, but obviously not enough.  I hope I am right this time when I say he next appears in Brave and the Bold in the late 70s.


The traitor gets his diamond back, but dies after a nicely drawn hallucination of the men he sent to their deaths.



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