Batman 245 – who killed Bruce Wayne?


Batman 245 (Oct. 72) is an epilogue, of sorts, to the Ra’s Al Ghul epic, tying up the plotline of Bruce Wayne’s faked death, by O’Neil, Adams and Giordano.


Batman returns to Gotham to find that Wayne’s death has become part of an election, with one politician accusing the other of having committed the murder.  It’s quite the quandary for Batman, who cannot tell Gordon that Wayne was not even killed.


Batman finds the “proof,” a letter in what appears to be his own handwriting.  But as the blurb helpfully points out, Batman has potted something – but what?  (The holes on the side of the page)


Batman finds the forger, and exposes the whole frame up.


And then, just as this whole saga opened with Bruce Wayne’s “death,” done off camera, and shown by a newspaper article, the tale concludes the same way, with Bruce’s miraculous survival a front page story.



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