Batman 243 – Batman and crew find Ra’s Al Ghul’s lair


Neal Adams does both the cover and interior art on Batman 243 (Aug. 72), joining Denny O’Neil and Dick Giordano as the Ra’s Al Ghul story continues.


Li Ying fights Batman, to resolve the conflict between his two debts of honour, to Batman and to Ra’s.   Batman wins.


Matches Malone served as the referee for the fight, this time being played by Robin.  Robin offers to join Batman on his mysterious mission.  Batman downplays it all, but keep Dick in the dark, clearly feeling it is potentially too dangerous.


Batman trails Ra’s to Switzerland, and confronts Talia and Ubu.  Molly Post takes down Batman by whacking him in the back of the head with a pair of skis.  See what I said about hitting Batman from behind?  Anyone can do it in this era.  Molly, a professional skier with her own reasons for hating Ra’s Al Ghul, is very apologetic when she realizes Batman wasn’t jut randomly being nasty to Talia, and joins his merry crew.


They reach Ra’s Al Ghul’s lair, only to find him already dead.  Talia is really casual about it all, but then we see that something more is up.  She presses a button as she leaves with the others.


And lo and behold, it’s the Lazarus Pit.  Making it’s first appearance, as Ra’s corpse gets submerged in the weird green lava, and then comes back out.


And Ra’ Al Ghul comes back to life!

The story concludes in the next issue.



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