Batman 241 – Colonel Sulphur debuts, and Terri’s cousin revealed


Adams executes a beautiful cover for Batman 241 (May 1972), and though it looks generic, it actually does loosely connect to the story, with Colonel Sulphur’s obsession with committing murder at sunrise.


Sulphur has kidnapped a woman, the wife of a government official, and is demanding the release of secret military documents.  But that’s all just the McGuffin of the story, which is all about Batman’s quest to find Sulphur’s location before the sun rises.


With Sulphur’s sun superstition, and his fake hand with its concealed knife, there is some effort made by O’Neil to make this an interesting villain, and the art by Novick and Giordano is good, but Colonel Sulphur never caught my interest.  He returns in a few months.


Friedrich and Buckler bring the Teen Titans in to the storyline with this Robin installment.


Once Robin is in Terri’s presence, he realizes who her cousin is, and mentally connects with Lilith, the psychic member of the Titans who has been looking for her family.


Kid Flash brings Lilith to Robin and Terri, and then takes off.  Should have stuck around, as there is a cult dedicated to Cthulu who are having a ceremony really close by.  Cloe enough that they attack.


Robin deals with the cultists while Terri and Lilith are all excited about meeting.  That doesn’t go so well, as the cult leader knocks Robin down.

The story conclude in the next issue.


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