Batman 240 – stealing a brain, and Robin’s worst disguise


A talking brain in a jar makes the cover of Batman 240 (March 1972), for a story that brings back Ra’s Al Ghul and Talia, by O’Neil, Novick and Giordano.


Batman is called in by Commissioner Gordon when a scientist is found murdered, with his brain removed.  There is some comedy with pesky Arthur Reeves, and then Batman gets down to it.  On the trail of the killer, Batman come across Talia, who brings him to the murderer.


The man admit his crime,  but denies removing the brain.  Talia injects him with a truth serum, but oops, uses the wrong serum and kills him.


Batman lets her go, but doesn’t believe for a second this was accidental.  He follows her, and finds Dr. Moon, in his debut, working for Ra’s as an evil doctor, who took the scientist’s brain and has it in a jar, hooked up so it will live and speak and work for Ra’s.  Batman is appalled, if not surprised.  Ra’s, Talia and Dr. Moon are forced to flee, while the brain tricks Batman into flipping a switch that kills it.

Not the best Al Ghul story, but in a couple of months they will begin their greatest tale, and needed this build-up.

Dr. Moon heads over to the page of Wonder Woman in a couple of months.


Robin gets into the worst disguise he has ever adopted in this story, by Friedrich and Buckler.


He is being psychicly lead by Terri Bergstrom to the location of the boy being beaten by his extremist Christian dad.  In order to gain access to the wealthy home, Robin gets into disguise as a black servant.  The reason is clearly to make a point about the racism of the rich white guy, but it’s still an awkward scene.


Terri is trying to find her cousin, which has lead her to Robin, although she does not understand the connection.


Robin brings peace in the family, and is then drawn against his will to Terri.

The story continues in the next issue.


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