Batman 235 – Talia’s revenge


Ra’s Al Ghul and Talia return in Batman 235 (Sept. 71), in a story by O’Neil, Novick and Giordano.


The story is cleverly written, as Ra’s Al Ghul brings Batman in to a tale well on it’s way.  A former minion turned on Al Ghul, and tried to kill him.  He was severely injured, and has a terrible looking head bandage.  Talia believed that her father was killed, and has set out to kill the man in return.


Batman, and the reader, get to see Talia in a completely new light in this story.  She appeared a victim in her first tale, until she shot Dr. Darrk, and then just as a sexy lady in the second.  Now we see her as a cold and calculating assassin.  Batman does stop her, and let’s her know her father survived.


But the kiss that ends this story leaves Batman disturbed, instead of just surprised.

Ra’s Al Ghul and Talia return the following year.


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