Batman 234 – Two-Face returns


Two-Faces makes his return after 16 years in an O’Neil, Adam and Giordano story in Batman 234 (Aug. 71).


The character has been gone for so long that Alfred and Batman discuss the saga of Harvey Dent, getting the acid thrown in his face, going crazy, getting facial surgery, and then having it destroyed.


Two-Face steals a historical ship and then, to Batman’s bafflement, sinks it.  He is really going after a horde of gold coins concealed in the ship.  There are some great visuals, including the ship “rising” as the tide goes out.


There’s also a very funny scene towards the beginning, as Batman interrupts City Councilman Arthur Reeves as he bitches as Commissioner Gordon.  But there is not that much of Two-Face himself.

Two-Face returns in a couple of years in Brave and the Bold.


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