Batman 231 – the Ten Eyed Man returns, and Robin’s computer date


A superb Adams cover on Batman 231 (May 1971).  The Ten Eyed Man may not be the best Batman villain, but this cover pretty much justifies the character.


Robbins, Novick and Giordano are the creative team on this story. Not only did Reardon escape from Batman at the end of his debut a couple of issues ago, Batman never figured out who he really was.  So the man is able to put his special forces skills to work for him, and gets a job as an air marshal.  He promptly hijacks the plane he is on, demanding it head to Vietnam.


Batman gets on the trail of the hijacker, just a Reardon had intended.  He lays traps in the jungle for Batman, who finally learns that Reardon is the Ten Eyed Man.  Reardon has a blinding trap set for Batman, but becaue he hides his hands before it goes off, Batman shields his eyes and is not blinded.  He defeats Reardon, who returns five years down the road, with a bizarre costume, in Man-Bat’s comic.


Friedrich, Novick and Giordano bring the Robin story from last issue to a close, sort of.  Something seems missing though.


Dick Grayson and Terri Bergstrom get put together by a computer dating service.  But then both of them have their apartments robbed.


Dick puts together the orange shoe wearing frat boys with the computer dating/robbery cam, but fails to tie the bombing together with it, despite the way the story has been linking them.  But Dick seems much more interested in Terri than in digging deeper on the case.



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