Batman 230 – no Black Panthers in this issue, and the car blows up


Those sure do look like Black Panthers on the Adams cover of Batman 230 (March 1970).  But they aren’t.  In fact, the story, by Robbins, Novick and Giordano, has to do with a group of white kids.


Ok, so there is one black one.  Light black.  These are all ghetto kids, a group that helps keep the peace in the rough part of Gotham, but ho take over a new expensive condo just before it opens, protesting against gentrification.


Batman heads in to deal with them, and finds that some of the group plan to blow the building up, though others don’t want to, and one member gets killed by another, though tries to frame the police for it.


A radical is also central to the Robin story in this issue, by Friedrich, Novick and Giordano.  The story take place immediately after Robin’s team-up with Superman in World’s Finest 200, and Superman cameos at the top of the story.


The tale deals with tensions on campus, the pro-war kids vs the hippies.  Dick and his friends are portrayed as calm and rational, taking neither side.  The story introduces Terri Bergstrom, who will be a major figure in the Robin series.


A loud, trouble-making campus radical gets killed when his car explodes, and as everyone thought he a the one who blew up the ROTC office, it is assumed that he accidentally blew himself up.  Robin had been on the trail of some orange shoe wearing frat brothers, but assumes he was wrong after the car explosion.  But there is clearly more to come.


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