Batman 229 – Batman – king of the Futurians, and Robin looks at shadows


Another quasi-horror story in Batman 229 (Feb. 71), with a great Adams cover, for the story by Kanigher, Novick and Giacoia.


Batman encounters a young woman running on a deserted road one night, and he tells him about a weird cult, the Futurians, and of her photographer boyfriend who has been with the cult.  Batman spies on them, and sees how they pretend to eat, drink, and listen to non-existent music.  when the photographer insists that the Futurians are just nuts, they turn on him and try to kill him.


Batman but in, and fight off the men attacking the photographer.  The woman who lead the Futurians declares that this mean that Batman is truly one of them.


She crowns Batman, but the crown compresses Batman’s skull, allowing the Futurians to get the jump on him.  He gets sealed into a coffin and thrown in a lake, although this is said to be a test.  If he is fit to be their leader, he will be able to escape.

And escape he does, though instead of being their king, he just brings them all to jail.


The Robin story, by Friedrich, Novick and Frank Giacoia, concludes in this issue, which also introduces a campus radical, a former supporter of the professor, who now has lost all faith in the political process.


Dick Grayson examines the photograph printed in the previous issue, and notices that the shadows do not line up, the photo is a composite.  Sad that the editor of the newspaper that printed it didn’t bother to look closely enough at it.


Robin finds the person who faked the photo, and clears the professor’s name.


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