Batman 226 – the Man with Ten Eyes debuts


One of the oddest villains that Batman ever faced, the Man with Ten Eyes, is introduced in the Robbins, Novick and Giordano story in Batman 226 (Nov. 70).


The story begins by introducing us to “Three Eye” Reardon, a Vietnam vet, and a very skilled fighter, now working as a security guard.


Batman also shows up to help when armed hoods try to break into the facility Reardon is guarding.  An explosion gets set off, and both Batman and Reardon are caught in the blast.


While Batman and Alfred work out a monitoring system, so Alfred can help Batman walk as if he were not temporarily blinded, Reardon undergoes an experimental operation, which transfers his optic nerves to his fingertips, so he can now see through his hands.  Reardon is not at all happy about this, and blames Batman.


Reardon, no calling himself the Ten Eyed Man, sets out to kill Batman in vengeance.


Batman has more problems with his vision, which is really the only thing that make his fight with Reardon difficult.  He defeats the Ten Eyed Man by wrapping Reardon’s hand in hi cape, blinding him and making him easy to defeat, although he does manage to get away from the blurry eyed Batman.

Nevertheless, the Ten Eyed Man returns in a few months.


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