Batman 219 – Batman get skyjacked, and a crimeless Christmas


Neal Adams does the cover on Batman 219 (Feb. 70), and also the art for one of the stories inside, but not the one from the cover.


Robbins, Novick and Giordano handle the cover story.  Bruce Wayne is accompanying a senator on a flight to Washington, to promote the Victims Incorporated program, and the plane get skyjacked, a popular crime in the late 60 and early 70s.  So the story deals with how Bruce manages to become Batman in the confined space, without giving away his identity.


It’s a solid and enjoyable thriller, and fun to see how Batman play the situation, going into action as Bruce, in order to get thrown into a locked room where he can change into Batman.


Later, he puts an inflatable life vest into the Batman suit to scare the hijackers, and also to make it appear that Bruce Wayne and Batman are separate people.


Friedrich, Adams and Giordano tilt towards the supernatural in this Christmas story.  Batman drops by police headquarters, and Commissioner Gordon gets him to join in singing carols.


While Batman and the police sing, we get a variety of scenes of crimes that get stopped, or do not take place, as people encounter images of Batman, in one form or another.


There is a strange panel of a ghostly Gordon, suggesting that the “spirit of Christmas” kept Gotham crime free that night.  It all looks great, and is a fun little read.

Over the next couple of years, the Batman series would touch more and more on the supernatural.


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