Batman 217 – Dick Grayson leaves home


Big changes are taking place in Batman 217 (Dec. 69), and the story lives up to the promise of the cover.


The first few pages of this Robbins, Novick and Giordano story are the most important.  Dick Grayson is about to begin studies at Hudson University, and move out of Wayne Manor.  The scene is genuinely touching.  For thirty years, Robin had been Batman’s partner, and now that had come to an end.


Bruce decides it is time to leave Wayne Manor as well, moving to the centre of Gotham to be closer to the people and the criminals.  The story does not show exactly here he and Alfred are moving to, but it is later established as a penthouse above the Wayne Foundation Building.


Bruce also starts taking a more public role, beginning his Victims, Incorporated program.  He goes to see a doctor whose husband a recently murdered, and begin to investigate.  The art is quite effective on this scene, as Bruce questions the woman, and Batman interprets her answers.


It’s a good puzzler, a solid mystery, which involves Batman getting shot and the doctor operating to remove the bullet, with a ballistics comparison to solve the case.


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