Batman 214 – Batman the eligible bachelor


Batgirl plays a role in the Robbins, Novick and Giella story in Batman 214 (Aug. 69).


A criminal organization decide to get Batman out of the way by getting him married off, figuring that no wife would allow him to spend so much time out fighting crime.  They choose a woman, Cleo, to put their plan into action.


The mob clearly has a lot of money behind them, as Cleo is able to hire an ad agency to promote the idea that Batman should get married.  It becomes a huge media blitz.


Batgirl gets suspicious of the situation, and so she joins the group of women demanding that Batman get married, trying to find out what is behind it.


Once the media blitz has taken hold, and every woman in Gotham is throwing herself at Batman, Cleo steps up the game, encountering Batman a couple of times, and showing herself to be strong and independent, while remaining aloof.  As Cleo planned, this makes her seem far more appealing than any of the other women.


But as these stories tend to go, Cleo winds up really falling in love with Batman.  She turns on the mob when they move in for the kill, and Batgirl also helps out, exposing Cleo’s schemes.

It’s painfully sexist, but a bit better than many of the other stories along the same lines.


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