Batman 210 – Catwoman trains her crew


Neal Adams did the cover for Batman 210 (March 1969), and designed her new costume.


Robbins, Novick and Giella spin this tale, which sees Catwoman recruit a number of women about to leave prison.  I really love the names these women call themselves by.  Florid Flo is my favourite.


Catwoman trains the women to be more athletic, making them her new gang.  There is a weird “women’s lib” element to this, forming a gang that is all female.  Batman and Robin have already deduced Catwoman’s goal, a large pearl being brought to Gotham by Nepalese royalty.


While on the cover we see women dressed in a variety of cat-suits, in the story itself, Catwoman garbs her gang in costumes identical to hers.  This is actually a bit more practical, as the goal is to make it more difficult for Batman and Robin to determine which one really is Catwoman.


As it turns out, her decoy gang is not really that important for the climax of the story, as Batman has laid a trap for her, with a fake pearl, and then telling her the real one is in a ball of yarn, which she traps herself with trying to unravel the sticky twine.

Catwoman next appears in the Black Canary story in Adventure Comics in three years.


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