Batman 213 – Robin’s origin retold


Batman 213 (JulyAug. 69) is another issue that is largely reprints, but contains one new story, in this case a re-telling of Robin’ origin, by E. Nelson Bridwell, Ross Andru and Mike Esposito.


The story is a pretty faithful re-telling, adding some information that had accrued over the years. Boss Zucco’s men tamper with the trapeze, causing the deaths of Dick Grayson’s parents.  The boy knows Zucco is responsible, and tells Batman of the threats that he had heard.


I find it interesting that one scene which is always included, no matter how long or short the origin of Robin is, is the candlelight vow.  Included in this version is the formal guardianship of Dick Grayson by Bruce Wayne, which is placed before Dick becomes Robin.


Bruce gives Dick the Robin costume that he wore while training with Harvey Harris, a tidy addition to the story.


The battle with Boss Zucco, while largely the same, with the fight on the construction site, is expanded over many more pages, and takes up the bulk of the story.


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