Batman 208 – the secret of Mrs. Chilton


Batman 208 (Jan/Feb 69) is largely a reprint issue, but does contain ten pages of new material that links it all together, as well as introducing a new character, Mr. Chilton.


E. Nelson Bridwell, Gil Kane and Jack Abel give Mrs. Chilton the narrative role in this story, which looks at all the various important women in Batman’s life.


Julie Madison is the first one discussed, and the opportunity is taken to briefly recap the first Clayface story as well.  Catoman and Vicki Vale each get important stories reprinted.

Linda Page is dealt with very quickly, but there really isn’t much to say about her anyway.  The issue then goes on the reprints of stories, or parts of stories, featuring Batwoman, Aunt Harriet, Patricia Powell, Poison Ivy, Batgirl and even the Queen Bee who appeared in the Batman/Eclipso team-up in Brave and the Bold.


The last few pages revert to new material, and reveal that Mrs. Chilton took in the young Bruce Wayne after the deaths of his parents, and raised him.


And the issue ends with a kicker, revealing that Mrs. Chilton was also the mother of Joe Chill, the man who killed Batman’s parents.

Mrs. Chilton never appears again, and her role in Bruce Wayne’s life gets filled by Leslie Thompkins, who get introduced about six years down the road.




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