Batman 195 – a good villain with two terrible names


A great cover for Batman 195 (Sept. 67), and an interesting villain, created by Fox, Moldoff and Giella.  But sadly, the title calls the character the Spark-Spangled See Through Man, while the story itself calls him Bag O’Bones.


The villain with two bad names is also called Ned Creegan, a thief who breaks in to a radiation chamber to steal some gems being used int he experiment by Nevil Logan.


Batman and Robin track Creegan when he tries to sell the jewels, but he winds up affected by the radiation, his skin turning invisible, and acquiring an electric charge that holds off the heroes.


Distressed, Creegan returns to Logan, who gives him pills to control his changes.  He keeps Creegan’s crime secret, so that he can use him in his experiments to create a cure for radiation.  But he also informs the thief that when he is in his “Bag O’Bones” state, his life gets shortened dramatically.


Unsure as to whether Creegan’s electric charge is positive or negative, Batman and Robin each arm themselves with some neutralizing gloves.  The charge turns out to be a positive one, but the power is so intense that Batman has to release his glove, or be stuck to him for good.


They trail Creegan back to Logan’s lab, where the scientist pits the radioactive animals against them.  Batman and Robin manage to stick the oppositely charged animals together, and capture the thief and the scientist.

Creegan is sent to prison for ten years, but knows he will die during that time.  Which I suppose he does, as we never see him again.

But the look of the character, if nothing else about him, will come back with the introduction of Dr. Phosphorus ten years down the road.


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