Batman 194 – Blockbuster hates everyone


A great cover for Batman 194 (Aug. 67), as Fox, Moldoff and Giella bring Blockbuster into this book for the first time, following his encounter with the Justice League and Justice Society in recent issues of JLA.


The Justice League story ended with Blockbuster and Solomon Grundy having pounded each other into a state of happiness.  Blockbuster is in prison as this tale begins, but in a cheerful state, until he sees a cut out of Batman.  This sends him into a rage, and he busts out of prison.


Batman tracks down Blockbuster, which isn’t really the hardest thing to do.  He tries the various techniques that have worked before to calm him down, unmasking to reveal that he is Bruce Wayne (who had saved Mark Desmond as a child), or duplicating the voice of Mark’s brother.  But neither of these work this time, and Batman keeps getting pounded while he tries to come up with a way to calm Blockbuster down.


After Blockbuster tosses Batman into a swamp, he gets the idea to emerge looking like Solomon Grundy (apparently he had the make-up in his utility belt).  Grundy is the one person that Blockbuster still likes, and he calms down.  Batman then tosses him into the swamp, and then rescues him as Grundy, to ensure that Mark will continue to trust him.  It makes more sense than it sounds.  It also has the added benefit of making the confused Blockbuster believe that Batman is really Solomon Grundy, rather than Bruce Wayne.

Blockbuster is not seen again until 1976, when he appears alongside many other villains in a Justice League issue.

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