Batman 189 – the Scarecrow returns


The Scarecrow, not seen since the early 1940s, makes his big return in a story by Fox, Moldoff and Giella, in Batman 189 (Feb. 67).


Since the character had not been seen in so long, the first few pages of the issue recap the origin of Jonathan Crane, and how the university professor turned to crime.


This is also the first story in which the Scarecrow uses chemicals to induce fears in Batman and Robin, keeping them off balance while he and his men escape with their loot.


Alfred, having recently come back to life, after a period as the Outsider, makes a small appearance in this story.


It’s a good story, solid and serious, and the Scarecrow proves what a good villain he really is.  Batman and Robin have to overcome the various fears he induces in them in order to triumph.



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