Batman 170 – the Getaway Genius debuts


Fox, Moldoff and Sid Greene introduce a new villain, the Getaway Genius, in Batman 170 (March 1965).


Roy Reynolds plans his crimes, and even moreso his getaways.  He has no interest at all in facing Batman, as this is what always spell doom for the other thieves in Gotham.  His gang goes along with this reluctantly, wanting the notoriety of killing Batman.  The Getaway Genius shows how right he is, though, spilling oil to wipe out the Batmobile, and then just fleeing rather than stopping to fight the heroes.


Batman and Robin pull a scam, pretending there is a villain called the Hoaxer, who has the ability to use the Bat-signal to bind Batman and Robin.  But that is done just to lure Reynold’s gang.  They cannot resist the urge to try to kill the heroes, and get caught.  In turn, they tell Batman the Getaway Genius’ hideout, and Batman captures Reynolds.

The Getaway Genius returns in a few issues.


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