Batman 169 – Batman plans the Penguin’s crimes


The Penguin makes his first appearance since the New Look begins, with a story by Herron, Moldoff and Giella, in Batman 169 (Feb. 65).


This story was adapted, very closely, in the Batman tv series.  The Penguin is all ready for a new crime spree, but cannot think of what to steal.  He grabs Batman’s attention with a free giveaway of umbrellas, which all go haywire.


He sends Batman a multi-coloured umbrella, with a bug in it, and listens as Batman tries to figure out what crime it might be a clue to.  In this story, Batman and Robin settle on a jeweled meteorite.  In the tv show, the meteor is mentioned, but dismissed.


So the conclusion plays out a little differently.  That’s ok.  The jet umbrella that the Penguin tries to flee on would not have looked very good with the budget of the tv show.



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