Batman 166 – spying on Batman, and Patricia Powell returns


A cool looking death trap on the cover of Batman 166 (Sept. 64), both of the stories contained are by Herron, Moldoff and Giella.


But again, the story lacks something.  Hoods wind up finding a cave right next to the Batcave, and hang out there, listening to what Batman and Robin talk about.  Batman confides to Robin a recurring nightmare about a death trap.  The one pictured on the cover.  The hoods get the plan to build it, and then listen to Batman’ patrol plans, intercept him and toss him into it.


So the couple of pages of the trap itself are really good, but the set-up is not.  Hard to believe Batman would not be aware of another cave from which one could listen in on the Batcave.  Batman gets out of the trap, and brings down the bad guys.


Patricia Powell is back in this story, attending a party at Bruce Wayne’s house, where she and Bruce are about to be formally introduced.


Just before that can happen, the waiters reveal themselves as thieves, and rob all the party guests.


Batman and Robin go into action, along with Patricia Powell, who manages to avoid falling into a trance.  They do succeed at finding and catching the thieves.


The final panel of the story has Patricia about to return Bruce’s stolen wallet to him.  The narrative informs us that this will be followed up, but it never was.

So we can easily assume that once Patricia got to meet Bruce, her obsession faded, the reality not living up to her fantasy.  The character never returned.



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