Batman 158 – Bat-Hound gets super-powers


Ace gets super-powers, and attacks his masters on the cover of Batman 158 (Sept. 63)as in the Moldoff and Paris story inside.


Throughout much of the story, Batman and Robin have no idea how Ace gained his powers, and theorize that it has to do with some broken vials at the Batcave.  But the reader gets to see that Bat-Mite was behind Ace’s power up, and Bat-Mite invisibly follows the heroes and their dog around.


As with many of Bat-Mite’s plans, it begins well, and the powered Bat-Hound proves useful and helpful.


But then things take a turn for the worse.  The bad guys just happen to have a vial of something that causes Ace to suffer a complete personality switch.  So Bat-Hound winds up attacking Batman and Robin.  Good thing the guy just happened to have such a useful vial of unspecified fluid.


Bat-Mite saves the day by removing Bat-Hound’s powers, which restores his normal personality.  Batman is not pleased.


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