Batman 154 – Robin helps Alfred, and Dr. Dorn


An ugly cover on Batman 154 (March 1963), and the stories inside aren’t much better.


The issue opens with another tale of the second Batman/Robin team, although it is also a tale of the original duo, by Moldoff and Paris.


Alfred writes the story about the future team, dealing with a deadly robot called Magog.  It flies off to destroy Gotham, and Alfred realizes he has no idea how to have Batman II and Robin II stop it.


Alfred discusses his writing problem with Dick Grayson.  Then Bruce runs in, and he and Dick head out as Batman and Robin, to deal with a gang using a rocket to bust their former boss out of prison.


Robin alters the compass of the rocket, sending it to explode harmlessly over the water.  Robin suggests the plot point to Alfred, who then writes of the second Robin doing the same thing to the robot.

An interesting variation, but it doesn’t quite work, the stuff with the second team is not as interesting as the stuff with the originals, simply because the fact that it is “just a story” is so emphasized by the structure of the plot.


The cover story, by Drake, Moldoff and Paris, has even less creativity. Batman and Robin deal with a monster, who is really also a scientist, unaware of the effects his experiment has had on him – in other words, this is pure Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.


Batman and Robin don’t even get to do much in this story, mostly just following Dr. Dorn around and watching him change.



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