Batman 143 – Bat-Hound knows better than Batman


Hard to believe editors thought this cover would induce anyone to buy Batman 143 (Oct. 61).


Moldoff and Paris are behind this tale, which sees Batman and Robin on a case with Bat-Hound.  Ace scents something, and wanders off to find a giant alien monster in battle with the police and military.  Though clearly not too far from where they were, Batman and Robin had no idea this was going on.


Batman is furious when Bat-Hound lets the monster escape, and demands that Ace track the creature, although Ace stubbornly refuses.


Ace knows what is up with the monster, and leads Batman and Robin to tracks that indicate that the monster began much smaller, and then grew.  Batman realizes that the creature is not really a monster, just a confused and overgrown alien.


The thieves from the beginning of the story return in time for the big climax, and the monster sacrifices himself to save Bat-Hound and the heroes.

Are you near tears?



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