Batman 141 – Bat-Girl puts the moves on Robin


So very many things wrong with the cover of Batman 141 (Aug. 61), a Bat-Girl returns, in a story by Finger and Moldoff.


Betty Kane ha returned to visit her aunt Kathy, and go back into action a Bat-Girl.  This story makes it clear that her primary goal is romancing Robin, who is clearly really awkward about the whole thing.  Betty thinks that Robin is jealous of all the press that she gets.


The story really gives Bat-Girl and Robin the leading roles.  Batman and Batwoman work together quite casually, but fall into the hands of the Moth.  Bat-Girl and Robin are the ones to rescue them.


Bat-Girl plants a big kiss on Robin as the story ends, and Batwoman decides that she ought to be the aggressor in her relationship with Batman, as well.


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