Batman 133 – Kite-Man debuts, and Batwoman teams with Bat-Mite


Ah, the chilling intensity of Batman 133 (Aug. 60) is clear from this disturbing and dark cover.


The issue opens by introducing the Kite-Man, a notably one gimmick villain, in a story by Finger, Sprang and Paris.


As one might guess, the Kite-Man uses kites for his crimes.  Big ones, little ones, strap-on ones.  If there is a kite, he’ll use it.


Batman even gets in on the fun, making a bat-kite of his own.  Kite-Man would probably have fallen into obscurity, if not for this story being reprinted in an early issue of Batman Family.  This prompted the return of Kite-Man is the late 70s.


Batwoman joins forces with Mat-Mite in this Finger and Moldoff tale.


While Batman is on a case with Robin and Batwoman, Bat-Mite shows up to use his magic and take down the bad guys.  Bat-Mite publicly reveals himself, so Batman no longer has to make up explanations about his magic.  Batwoman agrees to take on Bat-Mite as her partner.


This goes well at first.  Bat-Mite is restrained in his use of magic, actively helping Batwoman, rather than trying to make thing more exciting.


Bat-Mite even recruits Bat-Hound for assistance, using him to track the bad guys.


But when the action gets heated in a relatively empty warehouse, Bat-Mite shrinks the heroes and villains, so the normal sized items are suddenly giant props, and Bat-Hound appears to be a giant as well.  After the heroes defeat the bad guys, Batwoman ends her partnership with Bat-Mite.  Pure tragedy.



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