Batman 129 – Batman and Batwoman vs the Spinner


Batman 129 (Feb. 60) contains of of Batwoman’s best stories, ‘The Web of the Spinner,” by Finger, Moldoff and Paris.


Batman and Robin are on the trail of a costumed thief, the Spinner, while Kathy Kane checks out a psychic who she believes is a fraud.  Neither are having much success at their goals.


Batman finds evidence narrowing down the identity of the Spinner to a former inmate of Joliet prison, while the psychic alerts Batwoman to the Spinner’s hideout.


A big windmill explosion climaxes the story, but there is a great twist.  The man they find in the Spinner costume at the windmill is a former Joliet inmate, but he is not the real Spinner.  It had been a giant set-up, leaving false clue for Batman to find.  The psychic is really the Spinner, as Batman explains.

Easily the best, and mot serious, Batwoman story.    She functions independently, yet helps in the overall case.  The story does not get bogged down in romance or the usual identity games.


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