Batman 126 – Batwoman and the Firefly


Batwoman springs into action as the Firefly attacks on the cover of Batman 126 (Sept. 59), in a story by Finger, Moldoff and Paris.


Batman and Robin get trounced by a new enemy, the Firefly, whose big power is that he has a light he can flash “whenever he wants.”  Wow.  Impressive.  Batman seems far more distressed when Kathy Kane begins dating Ted Carson, another millionaire.


Batwoman hints to Batman that she knows his secret identity, but then finds a note that shocks her.  She had seen Ted Caron changing into a costume, and believed he a Batman.  In fact, he is the Firefly.


As the cover promises, it is Batwoman who flings the shield in front of Firefly, protecting Batman and Robin from his scary light, and allowing them to triumph.

There is a completely different Batman villain called the Firefly, Garfield Lynns, who has no relation to the character in this story.


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