Batman 125 – Bat-Hound tells a story, Robin gets bad news from the future, and Batman becomes king


Batman gets crowned on the cover of issue 125 (Aug. 59).


Finger, Moldoff and Paris give the story to Bat-Hound to relate, from a dog’s perspective. He joins up with Batman and Robin against King Midas and his gang, and we see what joy Ace take in this.


Midas captures Batman and Robin, and we see that Batman has a communicator in his boot for the dog.  Bat-Hound obeys his orders, gets into costume, and then heads over to see Kathy Kane, calling her in as Batwoman to help.


Bat-Hound get a lot of action in this one.  He figures out to knock over a tree in order to cross a ravine.


And it’s even Bat-Hound that gets all the romance at the end.

Bat-Hound continues to appear, but this is the only story I recall that he narrates.


Robin sees some bad news on a trip to the future in this Finger, Moldoff and Paris tale.


Carter Nichols sends Batman and Robin on a trip to Renaissance Venice, but when he retrieves them, a bolt of lightning messes with the controls.  Batman returns, but Robin gets sent three days into the future.  He sees a newspaper announcing Batman’s death.


Robin does everything he can to prevent Batman’s coming death, even falling into the hands of the villain.  But the only thing plunging to a death is a dummy of Batman.  A bad reporter sees this and runs off to submit his story.

This would be loosely re-written as a Brave and the Bold story, with Batman and Adam Strange, in the late 60s.


Finger, Sprang and Moldoff send Batman and Robin to another dimension in this cover story, two whole panels into the story.


Batman winds up competing in some athletic events on the strange world, and finds himself crowned their king at the end of the competition.


It’s a fairly lame story.  Batman gets dethroned and imprisoned, and then freed thanks to Robin.

In the end, they come back to Earth, along with a human villain they caught, and forget the entire adventure.  It can work for us as well!




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