Batman 124 – the Signalman returns, and big alien seeds


Big aliens seeds on the cover of Batman 124 (June 1959).


The Signalman is back, in a story by Finger, Moldoff and Paris.  Phil Cobb is surprised to discover that losing to Batman is not considered a plus when trying to round up a gang in Gotham.  So he sets out on another crime spree, sending clues to Batman, to insure that he will once again get captured.


But there are lots of giant props along the way.  It’s really not much different from his first outing.

Phil Cobb returns in a couple of years, but with a different villainous identity.


Yes, it’s the Mytery Seed from Space!  What a classic. The whirly-bats are even back, to give the Arnold Drake, Moldoff and Paris story added grittiness.


Giant seeds fall from the sky, and crack open to emit a deadly gas.  Batman and Robin whirly around , dealing with these things, which have no real explanation behind them.


One of the seed pod even opens up to reveal an alien robot!  Oh, no!



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