Batman 123 – the Joker’s initiation gags, and Batman on the lam


Bat-Hound helps Robin track down Batman on the cover of issue 123 (April 1959).


Finger, Sprang and Paris bring back the Joker for another mediocre tale.  This time around, he uses the gags one plays on new employees as the theme for his crimes.


The “cable stretcher” cobweb to catch the armored car is the best scene in the story, but one wonders why they kept on churning out lame Joker stories.


Bat-Hound gets a small role in the cover story, by Finger, Moldoff and Kaye, as the dog helps Robin and the police hunt down Batman.


The first half of the story sees Robin join Commissioner Gordon is tracking down Batman.  Mention is made of the fact that John Wilkers has gone to Europe and left Ace with Batman and Robin.


Once everyone believes that Batman really is wanted by the police, he has no trouble joining up with a criminal gang with a mysterious boss.  And it’s really no surprise that this was his plan all along, with Gordon and Robin just playing along.


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